Spring is heating up at District House!

Spring is heating up at District House! The mild winter and early spring weather have been great for sales and construction. Foundation and underground utility work has continued uninterrupted through the winter, and upcoming construction work will include the first of a series of steel deliveries, which will shift the project vertical. 

Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty sold several additional units in recent weeks, bringing the number of units sold to thirteen — nearly 50%. With the recently added sales, the project has reached a turning point — there is now limited availability on more than half of the tiers in the building, including the following:

  • In the “03” tier there is one unit remaining.
  • In the “06” tier there is only one penthouse remaining.
  • There are two unsold units each in the “04” and “05” tiers. 

Frank Vihtelic, the listing agent, remarked, “Interest is as high as it’s been since we began. Now that we are reaching certain sales thresholds, we are seeing a lot of old interest rekindled. As the construction becomes more visible we believe sales activity will continue to intensify.” 

While there are still options across all tiers, including penthouse units and terrace level residences, it won’t be long before there is restricted inventory throughout the entire building. Also drawing near is the opportunity to select finishes on the unsold first delivery units. If you’ve considered District House, now is the time to visit the sales center before the selection becomes even more limited!

Unit 406_Final_2-13-17.jpg
Chris Dillion