Terrace Level Opportunities at District House

Construction on District House continues briskly despite the pressure of the winter. Currently most of the work is happening below ground, the development team expects steel to be rising above ground this spring.

Interest remains strong, according to listing broker Frank Vihtelic. "People have been stopping into the sales center in the cold and throughout the holidays. Now that construction is underway people are really curious about what’s going on." He attributes the demand to a few elements of the project; "For one, the aesthetic of the building is one that has been absent in Oak Park, until now. Another is the configuration of the units — large, single level new construction condominiums just have not existed in Oak Park until recently. And our location is top notch, you could not and a better spot to take advantage of everything that Oak Park has to offer." The project is already 40% sold.

Despite the strong pre-sales activity, there is still something for everyone, whether it’s a Penthouse unit, a corner unit or one of the split floor plans.

Some of the most interesting options are on the second floor. The architect’s design for the building allows natural light to all of the units. The second floor of the building is actually the first floor of living space, and it sits atop the parking garage and retail space, surrounded by over 4,000 square feet of flat roof space. All of that roof area will be utilized as green space.

Listing broker Frank Vihtelic explains, "five of the seven units on the second level — the Terrace Level — will have access to approximately 4,000 square feet of green space. Each of those five units will have a private share of it, anywhere from 500 to over 1,300 square feet. It’s unique for a condo to have a large private outdoor area, let alone your own green space that is basically an extension of the living area. The only thing that separates inside and out is floor to ceiling glass. A terrace over 1,000 square feet is nearly unheard of in Oak Park. It’s a game changer for people with pets — they can let the dog play in the yard. Summer parties and weekend visits from the grandchildren can happen seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors. It’s like having a yard 20 feet in the air, and it makes the Terrace Level as desirable as the penthouses.” Two of the five terrace units have been sold.

Chris Dillion